• How To Find The Best and Cheap Visitors Insurance plans for USA

    At the time when you are looking for going to abroad, you think and find a better deal for travel insurance that should have a great coverage in cheaper price. Travel insurance have now turned into a need when travelling. Most of the travel agencies and insurance companies have harmonized in order to verify they give the clients the brilliant administration they genuinely merit.

    There have been maximum numbers of insurance packages that are offered with the travel booking. Various travel insurance can be looked online and disconnected from the net, through a visit to an all around regarded travel office or insurance agency. This travel protection verifies that an excursion is very much secured with the certification that the customer won’t need to stress over infrequently unavoidable medical emergencies. Insurance package with less scopes are approached by various organizations. They key to getting a decent arrangement is through scavenging in the midst of the plenty of the offers accessible.

    Being very much educated of the accessibility of the offers is one great approach to begin an arrangement. Abroad travel is a gutsy danger which could prompt a few unwanted medical circumstances also. Most travel agencies offer cheap international insurance on packages. These packages are based on the traveler’s needs and desires. The traveler is therefore always the one in charge. He or she is the one who is responsible of choosing the perfect plan to suit his travel. Countries have distinctive societies and even their medicinal frameworks are truly not the same as one another.

    Ultimately travel insurance is an unquestionable requirement for each of the persons who travel abroad. A perfect arrangement the coverage plans for trip cancellation, transportation medical cost, things misfortune, postponed flight, baggage loss, lawful help or even abroad burial service costs. Be that as it may, heedlessness won’t be taken minded of by the insurance company. The insurance can be organized upon the season of booking the travel planning.

    There are so many types of visitors insurance plans for USA. At the time of getting the insurance package everyone should think about medical evacuation also because this is the thing that can happen with anyone and when it happens, it just ruin the budget and all work schedule. Medical evacuation package is offered to all – individual user, a group of travelers and it is available for annual multi-trip also. Amantrips is the best way to ensure that the trip will be struggle free.

  • Tourist Visa on arrival – Narendra Modi Govt. Visa Policy

    Indian Government has been working diligently for the foreign tourists by introducing the visa policy as Tourist Visa on Arrival facility. It is further replaced by Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme and allowed for citizens of 43 countries on 27 November, 2014. The biggest achievement of this mission is to provide the easiness to foreign citizens that they can apply for visa without visiting Indian Embassy. The e-visa system is just not for travellers convenience but also boost the economic power of country through tourism sector.

    Eligibility criteria for tourist visa on arrival in India:

    • A foreign traveller who wants to visit India for recreation, sight-seeing, meeting friends or relatives, medical treatment (short duration) or casual business visit.
    • Your passport has at least six months validity.
    • Must have return or onward ticket journey confirmed.
    • You have sufficient funds for a comfortable stay in India.

    You are not eligible for Tourist Visa on Arrival if:

    • You have a Pakistani Passport or Pakistani Origin (In this case, you must apply for regular visa at Indian Mission)
    • You hold a diplomatic or official Passport.
    • The visa cannot be extended and one person can only apply for this facility twice in one year.

    How to apply for E-visa

    The process of getting E-Visa is very easy with online management system. $60 has charged as a service fee with a valid passport (has a validity at least for 6 months) and photograph. The documents along with an application form needs to be uploaded on the official website and E-Visa would be delivered on your email within 96 hours. The payment can be electronically transacted via debit/credit card.

  • Indian Tourism Made Travel Easy with Visa on Arrival (E-Visa Approval)

    India is enriched in its cultural, traditional, geographical and diverse heritage that attracts many international tourists. It has the most picturesque destinations which engage tourists to visit India. A country of different castes and languages still have a strong bond which keeps people connected across the nation. Globally, the travellers being appreciate the Indian tourism and wish to visit there.

    In order to obtain the authority to visit India, Foreigners must required a valid international visa with supported passport. Now visa seekers prefer online method to get Indian visa. Indian government ruled out a new concept “Tourist Visa on Arrival” recent year. It was exactly launched on 21 November 2014 enabled with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme. Its for 43 countries namely as Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Djibouti, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Guyana, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kiribati, Laos, Luxembourg, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue Island, Norway, Oman, Palau, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands,Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Vanuatu, Vietnam.

    Visa on arrival facility provides relaxation to those whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sight- seeing, short duration medical treatment, casual business visit, casual visit to meet friends or relatives etc. the staying period is somehow short of 30 days. The valid passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India. The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer. No Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders are eligible for this visa. Now travellers of the eligible countries have relaxation of apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 30 day. So have a alleviation trip to India with this online tourist visa on Arrival facility. Just apply online to pay visa fee and receive ETA online to visit India.

  • Visitors Health Insurance is for Emergency Illnesses and Emergency Medical Care

    Some visitors do believe that the purchased travel medical insurance can also take care of daily health issues during the trip. It is quite a misconception amongst the visitors. Anyhow it is not possible for insurance providers to offer the minor treatment in US hospitals. The emergency medical care will provide to those visitors who face critical illnesses or get injured in an accident. An example is where a person suffers from pre-existing condition of visibility and want to use their travel medical insurance plan for routine eye checkup in a nearby hospital. Then, this type of minor treatment is not included in the benefit coverage plan.

    Expected situations that could be covered under the medical insurance policies are following:

    • Treatment of injured person caused from a major accident.
    • Treatment for cases like food poisoning
    • Emergency treatment for a person bitten by snake or other poisonous insects
    • Surgery for fracture due to accident
    • Severe dehydration resulting from an infection acquired during the travel
  • Manage offshore Medical Costs with Insurance Plans

    People are often excited to travel all around the world whatever be the reason. Students, roamers, businessman and job seekers are the most common persons who visit abroad. They purchase essential and substantial things before traveling. But what about the medicare insurance for unexpected medical costs? You must know that the domestic medical and healthcare insurance does not works in other country. International travel insurance is required before visiting foreign countries in order to get emergency medical treatment, hospitalization or medical evacuation while traveling there.

    Who knows when one has to face a major illness or injury in between the trip. And due to it definitely costing higher in foreign country means you may not be prepared for it. Financial ruin aside, most important question in such scenario is always to ensure adequate medical treatment and hospital allowances if required. Ultimate solution therefore, for visitors is the Travel health insurance service that fulfils the medical or travel health needs while far away from their country. The insurance plans work for the people who are traveling even for 5 days or as long as needed. It will reimburse for your medical expenses directly by the service providers if the plan comes in PPO network. Almost all reputed insurance companies have connections in this regards.

  • Summer Escape to Down South

    While the northern hemisphere struggles with frigid or extended cold weather, southern hemisphere is enjoying brisk and best summer season. Book your flights to Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy a pristine world which have pre-historic sites and pristine natural environs. Walk through the rain forests, southern alps, crystal clear lakes, bubbling volcanic mud, golden beaches or swim with dolphins. There’s a lot you can cover even within a week. Australia & New Zealand main cities are well connected from around the world. Even the southern most main city of Christchurch has direct non-stop flights from Los Angeles. If you are transiting through Singapore, also add this beautiful island nation to your itinerary.

    Domestic health insurance policies will most certainly not cover your trip or health on such trips, so inquire within about different travel insurance plans for self and family. You’ve worked hard, its your time to relax and enjoy a little. Ask us what type of insurance plans are available to provide limited coverage or extensive coverage for your valuables, baggage claims, car insurance, travel delays, lost baggage, trip cancellation, or simply the need of health insurance for keeping yourself and family healthy. Happy touring!

  • 2015 Best Travel Destinations

    New Year has just started. And, it’s also the time to plan your new trips for best places around the world. If Europe in your mind, now is a very good time from weather and money perspective. Euro to Dollar rate is expected to stay attractive for some more time and with most major airlines offering mainland European destinations for lowest prices means you don’t have many excuses to set sail. Asia has many exotic and cultural experiences to offer, including Japan, China, India, Philippines, Singapore and neighbouring countries. And, down south is enjoying a summer season, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica could easily be on your trip list with many connections available for affordable prices.

    We have picked top few of the global destinations that have always remained in minds of our users:

    • Turkey
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • China
    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • Netherlands
    • Chile
    • Norway
    • Singapore

    What is the wait for, pack your bags, book your tickets and get going. Check the visa requirements. Make sure you get adequate travel insurance to cover sudden health of other emergencies, or lost/delayed baggage or flight and other trip disruptions. Happy touring.

  • US Tax Season Begins January 20, 2015 – Are You Ready?

    This year, US tax filing will start on Jan 20th  . Whether you are ready or not, compliant or not – form 1040 has a new line 61. It is a check box asking whether you have a health insurance or not. This applies to all people who are required to file US tax return for the year 2014. If you didn’t complied with this mandatory requirement for year 2014, it is already too late. There are penalties to be paid, except for where exemptions apply. Check qualified insurance consultants how to best handle a non-compliance and if exemptions apply, and if yes, how much. Allocate and park extra funds in your account to pay for such penalties if they apply. IRS commissioner recently in an interview said that IRS will enforce Health Insurance law on tax returns just like other parts of the tax laws.

    Take lessons now for year 2015 before it becomes too late to get a qualifying health insurance. Penalties are very steep in 2015 (as high as 2% of your household income per income bracket), and even steeper as years roll on.

    Not knowing is not an excuse and will not yield anything. Get your health insurance needs and your out of country visitors health insurance needs in your direct control so that you are not faced with financial penalties, or a blimp on tax radar for being non-compliant.

  • F-1 visa and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

    Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), minimum essential coverage (MEC) is required by law to be maintained throughout a year. Monthly details of the MEC is required to be reported on Federal income tax returns. F-1 (OPT) visa holders also fall in the category of people who are required to maintain the minimum essential coverage.

    Violators are subjected to a fine which could go as high as 2% (in 2015) of the yearly household income if the income is more than US $48,750, or else pay a flat penalty amount if less than this figure.

    There are some exemptions to this rule which may not apply to an OPT visa holder. Also because most employers consider OPT visa holders as temporary workers, they may not be included in employer provided health insurance plans, or COBRA coverage etc.

    It will be a prudent and financially apt decision to find and obtain a health care insurance from reputed providers in US which will also clear the minimum essential coverage requirements.

  • Insurance Required for Schengen Visa

    Schengen visa is issued for travel within the 26 countries that accept a common form of visa for travel into and within these countries.

    A major requirement for travelling on a Schengen visa is that a Medical Insurance should cover the trip duration. This insurance at the very least should be able to cover any medical emergency with hospital care and also the travel needs to transport someone back to their country of residence (if a need arises). This insurance policy must cover total expenses up to Euro 30,000 for the trip duration, and be valid in all Schengen countries. Entering Schengen area on a valid pre-existing Schengen visa is also regulated by the same requirement, and entry may be refused at the port of entry if a valid insurance document cannot be shown.

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